Kareep of Goldenfields

Aarakroca Ranger - Phil's Character


A tall winged bi-ped creature with the head of an eagle. He is armed with a longbow and rapier.


Kareep is from the Aarakocra settlement in the Star Mounts of the High Forest. When he reached maturity he decided to leave the Star Mounts in search of Elemental Evil and new territory to protect. While surveying the Dessarin valley he was ambushed while trying to stop an attack on a small hamlet. He awoke with a broken wing in care of the villagers of Goldenfields, a large agriculture community in the Dessarin valley. After several weeks his wing healed and his legend grew in Goldenfields. After hearing of bandits disrupting trade in the region he decided to investigate and followed clues to Red Larch.

After adventuring with The Four deep into the elemental cult temples, Kareep was called back to Goldenfields and replaced by an Aarakocra champion named Badding by the Aarakocra elders.

Kareep of Goldenfields

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