Kaylessa Irkell

Propietor of the Swinging Sword Inn


Female Human

She is a 40-ish sturdy woman with a firm demeanor, clearly a matriarch of sorts.


Kaylessa Irkell own and runs the Swinging Sword Inn in Red Larch. She hired the party to investigate Lance Rock.

“I hear all the stories from the travelers moving through this here town. There’s some fell magic afoot, me thinks. I’ve heard the stories of gusts of hot wind sweeping from the hills to the east – where the breezes have always been cold. I’ve heard tell of bolts of lightning stabbing into the hills from a clear sky.

“Though I admit I ain’t seen none of it myself, I have a good ear for a tall tale or a real one. There’s something happening over these last months… and I think I know where it’s all coming from.”

She looks around to be sure no one else is listening and leans in closer, ‘… Lance Rock! I think there is some fell magic, some evil influence took residence there, I think… and I’m willing to bet my gold on it. Somebody needs to do something. You are sturdy, curious folk willing to take action… I’ll give you 50gp if you go to Lance Rock and rid us of that evil. What do you say?’

The party agreed to her terms and is investigating Lance Rock.

Kaylessa Irkell

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