Templeton Daltrey

Human Rogue - John's Character


At only 4’9" and 130 pounds, Templeton Daltrey comes across as a very small and weak man physically. However, his luxuriously expensive Waterdhavian clothing and regal bearing instantly connote the wealth and privilege of the nobility. His blue eyes are deep and searching and his mop of unkempt light brown hair sits atop of his head which looks as through it is a little too large compared to the rest of his body.



Templeton Daltrey is from The Waterdeep Daltreys. His merchant family is one of the wealthiest and most powerful in the city of splendors. The Daltrey name is well known up and down The Sword Coast. His father Renton Daltrey is known as one of the shrewdest and most powerful of Waterdeep’s elite businessmen. He has built a vast fortune and positioned himself and his family as one of the most powerful in Waterdeep and the Sword Coast.

Templeton has always been a disappointment to his father. His older brothers are much stronger and better looking than Templeton and are much more involved in the day to day operations of the family businesses. Renton Daltrey has been grooming them as his successors and mostly ignoring Templeton. Templeton’s reputation as a drunk and a womanizer is well known. His powerful family always gets him out of trouble, however. Templeton uses his position of privilege to his advantage whenever possible. His wild transgressions are always forgiven and he is given the benefit of the doubt becoming of his noble station.

Templeton Daltrey

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