Human Female Bard Air Cultist


Human Female – Bard – Powerful with 4th level spells



A sharp woman with little patience for the air cult initiates that she was trying to teach to play bone flutes. The flutes were disturbingly made from humanoid bones. The party interacted with her while exploring the air cult temple. Kareep sung a song and Templeton actually played the flute but she did not like any of the music they produced. In the end a fight broke out with her trying to cast improved invisibility. But Puck managed to counter the spell and the party got the upper hand on the group quickly, taking them all out. Templeton took her flute.

It was thought that Windharrow died during that encounter but she showed up again later deep in The Fane of The Eye. She was fighting alongside her mistress Aerisi Kalinoth. Although Aerisi was slain Windharrow managed to elude the party and escaped. She is still at large. Templeton still has her flute from the original encounter.


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