At Long Last: Contact with Marlos

The Stonemelder was doing something by the large pit of boiling mud. Brenn ran in to close but found 2 additional Stonemelders waiting for him. He called back to the rest of the party and everyone tried to make their way in as fast as possible.


Between Brenn’s flashing blade and Templeton’s heavy bolts, two of the Stonemelders went down quickly. But one of them unleashed a powerful earthquake type spell that showered certain areas with rock and rubble making difficult terrain and injuring those in the blast radius. Also 3 Nothics appeared to help in the attack.


But the earth cultists were quickly dealt with and the area was searched. A leather pouch containing 91 GP, 2 garnets worth 100 GP each, and a Potion of Thunder Resistance was found. A crystal Breast Plate bearing the symbol of the earth cult was also found. It was a breastplate + 1. Templeton put all of the treasure in the bag of holding. The Master Party Treasure List was updated.

During a short rest, Quintus cast a hero’s feast spell which created a table full of food that everyone in the party ate heartily of. It made everyone immune to poison and fright. It also gave everyone advantage on any WIS saves.


Then a large cave was discovered with an altar at the far end. Praying at the altar with an iron military pick raised over his head was none other than Marlos Urnrayle. The weapon he held was most likely Ironfang. Two earth cult guards wearing stone armor flanked Marlos and began to move forward and they saw Brenn charge into the room. Four gargoyles also flew from their stony perches to land nearby.


Marlos set off a powerful earthquake spell that slowed everyone down. But Brenn had the speed to move forward quickly. Quintus was able to jump over the difficult terrain. Badding was able to fly over it. Templeton used a scroll of Investiture of Stone to flow through the very rock with earth glide. Puck used dimension door to appear directly next to Marlos in a very aggressive move. And an earth elemental came up from underneath Brenn to attack him twice.




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